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Ryan designs, writes and drinks tea in San Francisco. He briefly considered turning the last bit into a business but decided to found and lead product at Shortlist instead. That brought him to Silicon Valley, where he continues to work on the future of work and digital communities. He originally hails from and still considers himself a Texan.

A variety of his beliefs are often considered ludicrous in Silicon Valley. For example, he believes in God, making digital interactions more personal (ludicrous in 2014, not so much in 2019), and not measuring ‘success’ by ‘time spent on your site.’ He believes most people don’t have a clear idea of the future they want to build or even live in for that matter.

You can see him talk about these things here.

He’s lived in: Houston, Philadelphia, New York, Paris, New Dehli, Cambridge, and San Francisco.

If you’re still reading, explore the rest of this site, or better yet, start chatting with me below.